Connecticut Against Common Core and it's Facebook counterpart Stop Common Core in CT were established to share information on how Common Core is negatively affecting our children, us as parents, our most valued educators, and the ability for a community to oversee education locally. 
These sites are the product of individuals whose only stake in education is the welfare of the children.  We are the David standing against a Goliath consisting of Big Government and Big Corporations who see our Public Education System as means for control and profit.  
The movement to reverse course on Common Core is one that can be embraced in a bipartisan manner.  Concerns include the standards take a one-size-fits-all approach, create a de facto national curriculum, put too much emphasis on standardized tests and undermine teacher autonomy.  Others cite Constitutional concerns associated with a Nationalized Education Standards or Data Privacy concerns with Common Core's associated and mandated data collection and dissemination systems.
It is here that the citizens of Connecticut can come to learn the truth about Common Core.  Join us in learning why the truth is something what the State Department of Education, most local school districts, your PTA, Unions, Business and Education Associations, and most of the media are unwilling to share.   Now is the time to reclaim our public education system.  We can do it together!


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