Boards of Education

Boards of Education are your elected body of representatives that you hope and trust will oversee educational policy in your district such that the values of their constituents are reflected in policy and decision making.  This is the essence of local control of education and reflection of the community's investment into the local school system.
However, the State of Connecticut describes Local Boards of Education as "agents of the state".  As such local Boards are compelled (or feel compelled) to see to it that State level educational policy is upheld and implemented at the local level.  Here in lies the conflict.  State level educational policy, especially now with the adoption of Common Core State Standards conflicts with the best interest of the students and families who participate in Public Education.
Chapter 170 Section 220 (e) gives local Boards of Education the responsibility for approving curriculum.  As curriculum is tied to unproven standards and its associated testing, local Boards of Education do have within their rights the ability to reject standards via disapproval of curriculum that is designed to be inline with said standards.
So, why doesn't your Board of Education make a stand? It is because of all the funding tied to your Board of Education doing as they are told, not by you, but by the State Board of Education.  It is also because pro Common Core legal advisors of your Board of Education may be advising your Board that they have no choice but to comply or face penalties.  Without intervention by the public, this dysfunctional system will continue to make way with your tax dollars to do as it sees fit and leave you with no say in the system that you pay for.
As you approach your elected Board of Education, consider the questions posed below:

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