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State Backs Down On Standardized Testing Threats in Madison

Apr 02 at 5:44am | Uncategorized
Representative Kokoruda (R-101) announces districts will not be penalized for parents refusing SBAC testing for their children.
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Parent Groups Unite To Protect Parental Rights

Feb 26 at 12:40pm | Uncategorized
In a fashion that many citizens long for, different groups from Connecticut and consisting of a wide variety of people and backgrounds found that they agree in the rights of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children and to not have those rights legislated against.
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NBC Investigative Reporters - Common Core Issues

Nov 21 at 6:43am | Uncategorized
Robert Mann speaks out on behalf of his daughter and children across Connecticut who struggle with an educational system that is rigid and places high stakes testing higher than love for learning.
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CEA Pushes For Malloy Wyman

Oct 13 at 9:57pm | Uncategorized
We are approaching the time when teachers across the State of Connecticut can make themselves heard at the polls.  Our teachers, who we value so much, must find a way to step up and be heard.  Our children are counting on you for this, as much as they count on you to teach them the most effective way in the classroom.
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Panel of Speakers Including Students Expose Common Core

Oct 13 at 8:57pm | Uncategorized
October 5th Connecticut Against Common Core Event provides lots of great information, giving attendees facts that Pro Common Core speakers seem to be unable to find.
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