CEA Pushes For Malloy Wyman

October 14, 2014
The CEA Advisor arrives at the home of an area teacher, nicely printed in color, and the cover calls for CEA members to vote the Malloy Wyman ticket in for a second term.  Union dues likely used to create this piece of propaganda, the call to vote for Malloy is inconsistent with the opinions of many teachers who seem to have no voice.
Those who consider themselves Connecticut Against Common Core consist mostly of parents and tax paying citizens, but the number of teachers has been growing consistently, even if many hang in the shadows out of fear that their concern for unproven standards will hurt our children.  For many, the fear over being labeled insubordinate extends to outside of the school district they are hired in, as if they've been issued a gag order.  In some cases, we know this to be true.  Teachers being told to not say anything negative about Common Core.
What is insubordinate? What is a professional obligation consistent with the Connecticut Code of Professional Responsibility for Teachers?
We are approaching the time when teachers across the State of Connecticut can make themselves heard at the polls.  Parents and Citizens, like those who are part of Connecticut Against Common Core have voiced their support for our teachers.  They have brought forth the issue of SEED and teacher evaluations being tied to high stakes testing.  However, with a new school year underway, our children continue to be subjected to an experiment and parents who are dealing with the aftermath, first hand, are growing weary.  Our teachers, who we value so much, must find a way to step up and be heard.  Our children are counting on you for this, as much as they count on you to teach them the most effective way in the classroom.
Now is the time.  Join us. Get the word out. Let's tell the State Board of Education, the CEA, Governor Malloy, and our local Boards of Education that we will no longer stand-by and watch our public educational system be ruined by people with ideas, but no evidence, and those we have hired and or elected without the will to challenge them.


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