Parent Groups Unite To Protect Parental Rights

Feb 25, 2015
Hartford, CT
Today, Senator Joe Markley, Attorney Deborah Stevenson (National Home School Legal Defense & CT Against Common Core Legal Advisor), and members of groups across Connecticut united holding a press conference to show solidarity against the recommendations of the Sandy Hook Commission and future legislation that might infringe further upon parental rights in Connecticut.
See the full press conference below.
The groups showing bipartisan support for parents included:  Connecticut Against Common Core, The Educational Association of Christian Home-Schoolers, The Family Institute of Connecticut, Able Child, Connecticut Unites for Student Privacy, Stop Common Core in New Milford, and New Milford Unites for Kids.
In a fashion that many citizens long for, different groups from Connecticut and consisting of a wide variety of people and backgrounds found that they agree in the rights of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children and to not have those rights legislated against.

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