State Backs Down On Standardized Testing Threats in Madison

Yesterday, we learned that Noreen Kokoruda (R-101) for Madison announced that Madison will not be at risk of losing funds due to those parents who wish to refuse participation for their children in the upcoming SBAC testing. 

Madison has been a leader in the fight against inappropriate education reforms, including the SBAC, with Tom Scarice as Superintendent of Schools. 

Here is a link to Tom’s most recent testimony 

Tom has exhibited the sort of leadership that should be the envy of citizens in other towns where "leadership” has largely fallen into rank and file and where that same "leadership” has lost sight of what matters most. It has been Tom’s testimony at the capital which has helped to create a level of legislative awareness and rallied some Representatives to stand-up for their constituents.

The announcement is GREAT NEWS for many parents in Connecticut who may have been concerned that the most needy in their district could be penalized for doing what is right for their children and refusing the SBAC testing. 

This should serve as a message to parents and citizens that inaction equates to enablement. It should also serve as a point of reference for what district leadership might be like. Furthermore, it also reminds us why we must take primary responsibility for the best interests of our children.


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