Panel of Speakers Including Students Expose Common Core

October 5th 2014
Christopher Tienken
Dr. Christopher Tienken of Seton Hall Explains Evidence Lacking for Common Core Justification
A beautiful day at Black Rock State Park in Thomaston was the setting for the most recent event, sponsored by Connecticut Against Common Core, in efforts to help educate the public on the issues with Common Core and high stakes testing.  The event proved to be a powerhouse of information featuring Dr. Christopher Tienken discussing the Misrepresentations of Common Core, followed by Attorney Deborah Stevenson who discussed the Rights of Parents and Boards of Education.  Cheryl Hill, parent advocate, discussed Common Core Data Mining and How To Protect Your Child.  Sierra and Allie, two middle school students in Ellington share their observations about the Common Core.  Finally, Lisa Simo-Kinzer LCSW, explains how changes to HIPPA and FERPA create loopholes to exploit our children.
If you missed this event, it was great day full of great information.  Fortunately, the entire event was recorded and the links to each segment can be found below.  Please take the time to watch these very informative videos.



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