Discuss the SBAC with Your Board of Education

Local Boards need your support.  They need to know that you expect them to represent your interest in what remaining aspects of local control they still have the authority to uphold.  Curriculum that is developed to align with standards which lack evidence and which lack input and/or feedback from the stakeholders at the local level must be rejected or revoked.

Refuse The SBAC - As Simple As ABC

Refusing the SBAC by not giving your consent for your child to participate in testing is not only your right and justified, it is easy to do.  This ABC document explains the Why and How of Opting-Out of SBAC testing.

Thomas More - Student Privacy Protection Opt-Out Request

This form hasn't recently come to our attention, but we cannot comment on the legality and applicability to CT Statutes, until legal counsel checks the document.

Health Information Exemption

Cites section 10-208 of CT General Statutes

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