Understanding and Discussing Student Data Privacy

Common Core State Standards, Testing, and Data Collection.  All of these topics are related and what do most people truly know about them?  Better yet, it is likely that the only one you've heard discussed by your local school district is Common Core, and it was likely a set of canned talking points to quite frankly mislead your understanding.
If you have not heard the term P-20 WIN or State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) then like most people, you are not aware that along with adopting Common Core (CCSS) our State of Connecticut agreed to institute a data system to gather and track student, parent, and teacher data.  P standing for Preschool and 20 standing for "through workforce".  Why would government need such information and for such an extended period of time?  Why would they, being the state and local school districts, conveniently choose to not inform you?  These are the questions that deserve answers.
The attached pdf is intended to provide a most needed understanding of the data privacy issue.  Please take the time to review this document and share with as many people as possible.
CT Against Common Core will do its best to keep you up to date with information related to Student Data Privacy, but we also suggest you bookmark the following web site Connecticut Unites for Student Privacy.

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