Participant in August 4th Conference Recaps The Call - "Stunned and Speechless"

AP US History Conf. Call ~ I just got off. To say that I am stunned/speechless is an understatement. I simply don't know what to say. Larry Krieger ~ Retired AP Hist. teacher, author of US Hist. textbooks and AP Prep books spoke (as well as several other panelists). The fundamentals of US History have truly been drastically altered or have been removed. The panelists all called this move by Coleman and the College Board "unprecedented." A private, unaccountable company (which is what the college board is) is dictating/controlling an incredibly anti-American curriculum. Other factors are at play as well. As a condition of the NCLB Waiver, schools are required to provide accelerated learning opportunities- AP courses count toward this. States are graded and the number of students who score well on AP exams are factored into this grade, thus an additional incentive/push for schools to enroll students in these courses. Mr. Krieger discussed how the AP US History framework has held a very traditional balance for decades with occasional updates. When an update was mentioned, educators expected possibly a 4-5 page document. Educators were STUNNED with a 98 page document. All panelists said same thing: NO ELECTED OR OFFICIAL GOVERNING BODY (leg., sboe etc.) would EVER have been able to pass this and would likely be reprimanded for even presenting it. To further complicate the issue ~ it DOES NOT line up with state history standards and the college board acknowledges this- but states that teachers have "flexibility" however the framework states that students will NOT be tested on any content NOT in the document and of course students will be taught to the test. GONE FROM US HIST: John Wintrop, City on a Hill, Roger Williams, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, the holocaust, battle of the bulge, D-Day, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks. George Washington is only noted as having given a farewell speech and the the declaration of independence is "mentioned." The emphasis has shifted "as far left" as it could go ~ leaving Americans portrayed as bigots and oppressors. AP History teachers are in turmoil and cannot even figure out how to teach such material to kids- not to mention that the ONLY resource available to them is 1 secret test. There is a website with an action plan that I think we should all review ~ school has not started for us so we still have a chance. LKB
APUSH Erasing the Constitution(reposted from AmericanPrincipalsinAction.org) The College Board, led by David Coleman, the "architect” of Common Core is rolling out the new APUSH course and exam next month (August 2014). The new APUSH Framework is an all-out assault on our country’s heritage. Jane Robbins with American Principles in Action stated this concerning the new APUSH Framework, "The redesigned Framework is best described as a curricular coup that sets a number of dangerous precedents. By providing a detailed course of study that defines, discusses, and interprets "the required knowledge of each period,” the College Board has in effect supplanted local and state curriculum by unilaterally assuming the authority to prioritize historic topics.”

Tanya Ditty, CWALAC of Georgia State Director and former AP U.S. History teacher made this statement concerning the new Framework, "When I first read the new APUSH Framework, I didn’t even recognize it as American history standards. From this Framework, I didn’t recognize it as my country.”
Here is a sampling of what our nation’s brightest high-school students can expect:
  • A relentlessly negative view of American history, which emphasizes every problem and failing of our ancestors while ignoring or minimizing their achievements.
  • Almost total silence about the Founding Fathers, including no mention of Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, and Adams, and almost none of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Omission of military history, battles, commanders, and heroes.
  • A biased and inaccurate view of many important facets of American history, including the motivations and actions of 17th-19th-century settlers, American involvement in World War II, and the conduct of and victory in the Cold War.
Concerned parents, grandparents and citizens, were invited to join this very important conference call, which was held on August 4th. A panel of experts educated listeners on what the College Board has in store for America’s AP U.S. History students and will explain specific steps that can be taken to push back against this egregious attack on the U.S. History standards and curriculum.

Without state pushback, this new APUSH Curriculum Framework will go into effect this fall (2014). Without state pushback, APUSH teachers may have to ignore their own state’s U.S. History standards if they hope to prepare their students for success on the new APUSH exam – which will NOT cover material outside the new Framework.

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