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Oklahoma Governor Fallin Announces Common Core Decision

Jun 06 at 1:03am | Uncategorized
"... federal overreach has tainted Common Core. President Obama and Washington bureaucrats have usurped Common Core in an attempt to influence state education standards. The results are predictable. What should have been a bipartisan policy is now widely regarded as the president’s plan to establish federal control of curricula, testing and teaching strategies."
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Child Privacy Threatened By Federal Technology Initiatives

May 28 at 3:41am | Uncategorized
A new study released by the Boston-based Pioneer Institute finds that new technology development that has been encouraged through the use of federal grants has served to threaten children’s privacy by allowing the collection of data on every child.
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Open Letter To Wisconsin's Elected Officials

Apr 26 at 2:52am | Uncategorized
An unprecedented example of groups of individuals coming together with a common interest, that being the welfare of the children, sending a clear message to Wisconsin's elected officials.
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South Carolina Dumping Common Core

Apr 23 at 8:41pm | Uncategorized
South Carolina announced that its intentions dump Common Core as it initiated withdrawal from the Smarter Balance Assessment Consortia.
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Oklahoma Poised Dump Common Core

Apr 22 at 8:15am | Uncategorized
Following a "landslide" vote in the Sooner State, Oklahoma is awaiting final house approval and a signature to be the 2nd State to rid themselves of Common Core.
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