The Home School Roadmap: An Introduction

"The Homeschool Resource Road Map/ Common Core Project” 

Parents in large numbers are now specifically seeking out Non-Common Core aligned materials for various reasons. Such as:

1). Due to the "One-Size-Fits-All” approach of the Common Core, parents are looking for educational alternatives to teach their children at their level of academic readiness and ability;

2). Parents are also highly concerned with the inherent philosophical and political slant ingrained into Common Core aligned texts and materials and are searching for non-aligned material to ensure that what is being presented to their child is factual and free from biased.

3). While still other parents are seeking out non-aligned material to fill in the academic "gaps” that the experimental standards are leaving in their wake in favor of what reformers call (but can’t seem to define) as "critical thinking skills” ~ much to the disadvantage of our children, especially our youngest.


This leaves parents with the unenviable task of delving into the overwhelming world of not just curriculum choices ~ but Non-Common Core aligned choices. But parents need not fear the curriculum abyss! The Homeschool Resource Road Map/ Common Core Project is a wonderfully researched and invaluable resource guide for parents looking to homeschool or simply supplement their child’s current education with NON-Common Core aligned materials whether that choice is faith-based, academic, philosophical or other.

A dedicated homeschool parent took on the daunting task of developing a comprehensive list of homeschool (and some non-homeschool) publishers, curriculum providers and related companies and products and cataloged them into 4 separate groups:

1). specifically aligned to Common Core;

2). those with which have coincidental connections;

3). those which are correlated and;

4). those which have chosen to remain independent.


*Note: the list contains important notes wherever necessary for clarity AND the site’s author is clear ~ she does not endorse any particular company or product. The site states:

Rather,the sole purpose for providing the lists – which are based on publishers' own written or verbal statements – is to offer factual full disclosure about a very important educational topic so that homeschooling parents will be able make well-informed educational decisions for their children.

Parents, we do have choices & this one just got easier!

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