Common Core State Standards a Threat to Personal Liberty — Thomas More Law Center Develops Opt-Out Form for Parents

Locally, people have been working on crafting the perfect Opt-Out form.  Around the development of these forms, a question has loomed..."Can we really Opt-Out?".  Those of us who believe strongly that parental consent precedes all other authority, legitimate or assumed, maintain it is not a question of whether we can opt our children out of testing, data collection, and information sharing, but it is our responsibility; much as it is our responsibility to protect our children from any potential predation.
So then, why are we discussing this particular form?  We believe that the form in question, as developed by The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, MI, may represent a developing trend of legal minds who are coming forward and willing to stand side-by-side with parents (some parents themselves).  This much needed legal support standing ready to support parents who, across this nation and here in Connecticut, are choosing to assert their rights as parents and to protect the rights of their children.
CTACC is currently consulting with, our legal counsel, to determine if the form (as developed) will stand here in CT.


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